AC Repair in Portage By Cliff’s Heating & Air

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The weather here in Portage, Indiana can range from freezing to hot depending on the time of the year. When the Indiana heat gets you down, it can be nice to know that you have your air conditioner at home to keep you cool. But what happens when your air conditioner decides to stop working right when summer kicks into full swing? We think you know the answer. Cliff’s Heating & Air is here for you with our emergency service.

Cooling System Repair Services in Portage

Cliff’s Heating & Air stands for much more than just being an AC repair service for our loyal customers in Portage. For the past 39 years, we have had a family-run business that has aimed to take care of locals with the same level of quality that we service our own homes with. When it comes time to handle your next AC repair, you know who you need to call. Here are a few more reasons why you should choose us for your air conditioning repair.

Number One

  • Family Owned and Operated
  • Award-Winning Services
  • Customer-First Mentality
  • Quick and Easy Scheduling
  • Competitive Rates and Incredible Products

The Best AC Repair Services In Portage

Typically, we don’t worry about our air conditioner until we need it and then we have to deal with the problems that can potentially arise. Fortunately, Cliff’s Heating & Air is here to help. When your air conditioner is out of whack, let our certified technicians handle the job. Here are just a few of our service offerings.

  • Emergency Air Conditioning Repair During Inclement Weather
  • Routine Maintenance and Tune-Up Services
  • Reliable Air Conditioning Repair
  • Service Portage and the Surrounding Areas

Ultimately,if you are in need of any air conditioning service, you know you have a reliable AC company in Portage. If you need a hand addressing any potential problem with your cooling system, give us a call today!