The best time to identify potential issues with your HVAC equipment is before those small issues turn into full-blown complications during bad weather or in the middle of the night, or both!

Our team at Cliff’s recommends — at the minimum — an annual checkup of your furnace and air conditioner. The purpose of this inspection is to allow our technician to run and perform a full inspection of your units for increased performance and prolonged life of your HVAC equipment.

Get the Cliff’s HVAC Maintenance Agreement for $245!

If you expect your equipment to perform for years to come, a small investment in preventative maintenance pays for itself – in electric bills, in repair cost, and in frustration. Get your HVAC system in shape with Cliff’s HVAC Maintenance Agreement. For just $245 annually, we will come to your home twice a year to perform a 28-point check on your HVAC system to identify possible minor problems before they become expensive major ones.

Call today at 888-436-4888 (Indiana residents at 219-864-1551) to receive a maintenance agreement either by USPS mail or email, or click here to download your copy of the Cliff’s HVAC Maintenance Agreement.

With the Cliff’s HVAC Maintenance Agreement, we will check the following in the fall (furnace) and spring (A/C):

Fall Furnace Checkup* Spring A/C Checkup*
– Thermostat
– Service switch and outlet
– Flue pipe and exhaust termination
– Furnace filter
– Start up of unit
– Voltage at furnace, high and low
– Limits and safety
– Inducer motor and amp draw
– Pressure switches voltage
– Gas valve voltage and operation
– Ignition, pilot and/or flame sensor, and burners
– Blower motor amp draw
– Transformer voltage
– Computer board/ignition control module, speed settings, blower delay
– PVC drains/condensate pump
– Humidifier operation & filter
– Thermostat
– Filter and blower operation
– PVC drains
– Line set insulation
– Disconnect and whip
– Contactor 240v/24v control
– Capacitor
– Compressor amp draw
– Fan motor amp draw
– Refrigerant levels
– Inspect condenser coil
– Low voltage wiring connections

*PLEASE NOTE: Excludes any rooftop units & boilers. Only performed during normal business hours. A/C checkups require outdoor temperature to be above 62°F. Call us for pricing if you have multiple units!