Indoor Air Quality The main purpose of getting an air conditioner is to get rid of warm air in a home and replace it with cooler air. Since warm air is usually moist and humid, the high humidity is also removed when the warm air is replaced with cool air.

Through the condensation process, indoor air is moved over the refrigerant coils of the AC unit hence eradicating the heat and moisture. So, it’s okay to say that air conditioning can dehumidify your home effectively. However, there are some circumstances where your AC may not be enough.

What Causes High Humidity?

Multiple variables come into play when you are dealing with high humidity levels in a home. Is your conditioner too old? Is the unit large enough or is it extremely small? Is the AC properly configured to fit your home? Were the outdoor conditions and location considered during the installation? To get proper cooling and heating services, there are essential factors that must be considered. And the best way to ensure such factors are taken it into account is by working with a reliable AC installation company.

An ideal HVAC contractor like Cliff’s Heating & Air will be happy to work with you when figuring out the right AC system for your home. First, the experts will come to your home to know your needs and recommend the right unit. You could also book an appointment to discuss your options. The company may recommend the installation of a new unit with a two-stage compressor, a compatible whole-house dehumidifier on the existing unit, or standalone dehumidifiers.

What is the Acceptable Humidity Level?

For your home to be comfortable, you’ll need to have about 60% humidity at all times. You’ll notice that the air in your house feels dry and more comfortable during cooler weather. However, when the temperatures begin to rise, humidity rises too. A great rule of thumb is that the indoor air will be humid if the outdoor air is also humid. During this time, you’ll notice that the AC is working more to get rid of the moisture in your home.

Signs of High Humidity

If you notice a musty smell during the warmer months, then it’s a sign that your air conditioner isn’t working as it should. Are your windows collecting moisture or fog on the inside? Have you noticed black spots on the ceiling or the corners of your room? These are signs of excess humidity.

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