Keep Your Home Cool By Contacting Cliff’s Heating & Air

Living Room With Air Conditioning

Nobody gets excited when they find out that their air conditioner broke down. Unfortunately, air conditioners have a habit of malfunctioning at the worst of times. In Hobart, Indiana our summers can be scorching hot and this means that you might need a reliable team of technicians to come by and help you out. When you are in need of an emergency air conditioning repair, what can Cliff’s Heating & Air offer you?

  • We are an award-winning team of professionals with 40 years in the industry.
  • Cliff’s Heating & Air can be your one-stop shop for everything cooling related.
  • We service Portage and the surrounding areas with a focus on excellent customer service.

Emergency AC Repair in Hobart, Indiana

No matter what kind of air conditioner your home or business operates, Cliff’s Heating & Air has technicians trained to service your cooling system. We pride ourselves on our ability to work with our customers to find quick, efficient, and effective air conditioner repair solutions. Here is how we typically approach an AC repair call.

  • We arrive on time in order to quickly diagnose the source of your AC service issues.
  • Our certified technicians use their fully-stocked service trucks to find a remedy for your problem.
  • We don’t leave until your problem is gone and our customers are happy with the solution.

Stay Cool This Summer With a Central Air Conditioner Installation

York AC System

Deciding to replace or improve upon your old air conditioner can be a tough decision to make. After all, a completely new air conditioner isn’t a minor expense and the installation process takes a bit of work. We make it our duty to make the process as simple and affordable as possible. We offer a full range of high-quality air conditioners and our installations come with a free in-home consultation.

Practice Proper AC Service Maintenance This Year!

Ultimately, your air conditioner runs a little bit smoother if you pay it some loving attention. Air conditioners are just like any other machine and a little bit of maintenance can go a long way. Don’t leave your air conditioner to collect dust, only to expect it to work with ease this summer. Schedule a tune-up and we’ll be out in a jiffy to get you on the right path.

We are an award-winning air conditioning repair team that services Hobart and all of the surrounding areas. Don’t let the heat sneak up on you and don’t let your air conditioner be worked on by just anyone . Give us a call any time to start the process toward getting your cooling system back online.