Air quality with Cliffs HeatingWhile an AC unit is indispensable in hot weather, it also accounts for a large part of your energy bill. In fact, it often accounts for 40 to 50 percent of the total energy bill of a home. When an AC unit is several years old, it simply can’t compete with the many energy-efficient models of today. Today’s units are made to be as efficient as possible, and this can save you far more money than you may have imagined. For a large home, this can amount to enormous savings month after month, allowing the new unit to pay for itself quickly.

Higher Efficiency
The AC systems made today aren’t just a little more efficient than older models, their efficiency is as much as 60% higher than older units. If your AC unit isn’t working as well anymore, or it has mechanical problems, now is a great time to get one of these newly designed models. Rather than pay for another repair on an old unit, invest in one that will work better and cost you less to run. Getting a new one before the next hot season means you won’t spend another year paying too much in energy bills.

Smart Thermostats
New AC units are even more efficient when you used them with one of today’s smart thermostats. These are programmable, so owners can program them not to provide air conditioning when no one is home. It can be programed to stay on during certain hours and to stay at specific temperatures at different times. This saves an enormous amount in home that have no one at home for part of the day. And when there are people at home, these thermostats can be used to send the AC only to certain rooms. Many units also allow for connection to a phone app, so you can control your AC remotely. If you’re getting home from work early, just have your unit turn on at home to get the house ready for you.

AC and Heating Units, Servicing, Maintenance and More
At Cliff’s in Schererville, IN, we have a wide range of new efficient AC and heating units available. We also offer repairs for your existing units and have maintenance plans to save you money on the normal maintenance that will keep your unit running better, longer. We also have power generators to supply you with power any time it goes out. If you have a problem with your AC, furnace or generator, contact us to find out how we can keep you more comfortable.